Wanted: matching world maps of EEZs and marine productivity

I want to show to my students that only a minority of fish are caught in the high seas, and it would be nice to compare a world map of EEZs to a world map of marine and coastal productivity. So far I’ve found two sources of such information:

For the time being I combined those but the result is not exactly pretty:

(Click on the picture for a closer look.)

The problem is that

  1. The two maps have different centres (Pacific Ocean for GRID-Arendal, Atlantic Ocean for the EEZ map)
  2. The two maps have different projection methods (Gall-Bertin for GRID-Arendal, and I haven’t the faintest idea how to project the EEZ map as such in QGIS)

Are there any maps (preferably shapefiles with the same coordinate systems) of fishing yields and EEZs? Preferably with the Pacific Ocean in the centre? I know the latter is not standard but the Pacific is way more interesting than the Atlantic in this respect.