It’s going to be an interesting EAERE this year

Whoever is bored of the EAERE welcome reception and wants to hear some weird music: I’ll be playing that evening in Prague with these guys:

Meet L’Arrache-Coeur, a Czech group playing a very liberal interpretation of French trad music and klezmer. The guy playing the hurdy-gurdy (that’s the instrument that looks like a cross between a fiddle and a coffee grinder) is Daniel Kahuda: Daniel stayed in Wageningen a few years ago, where he was a regular visitor of our monthly folk session.

Some years later I was in Prague for the European Congress of Conservation Biology (with very mixed feelings, I must say – see my posts on economics vs ecology). We met up and had a few great gigs and sessions. Here is a picture taken at the Grabstejn World Fest, where we played with L’Arrache-Coeur’s accordion player František Tomášek and Puck Duits, who is one of Holland’s best bagpipe players.

Anyway, L’Arrache-Coeur is playing on Wednesday evening 27 June, and Daniel invited me to join them. The place is called Cafe-Bar Bajkazyl, and apparently it’s a cross between a bar and a bike rental. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Environmental and resource economists welcome.

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