Grow Fins likes Cow Burps

And the latest contender for the title of “Funniest Titled Environmental Economics Blog” is the UK-based Cow Burps:

  • We like to think ‘Cow Burps’ is a humorous and unique name therefore reflecting the idea that the blog should be fun both to write and read
  • We liked the idea of ‘burps’ as a euphemism for the interesting blog posts that we hope to write
  • The predicament of rising beef/dairy demand from an increase in population and rising middle classes in conflict with climate change impacts and habitat damage/deforestation is a perfect example of a situation where the use of environmental economics can provide better information to decision-makers. You can read more about this on the post How many cows?
  • And lastly, it reminds everyone to examine conventional wisdom, with cow burps being a much higher source of methane than cow farts!

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